Our Services

Our highly skilled field technicians at MaxFlow Chemicals are industry leaders in delivering top-notch service for well treatment and maintenance. With unmatched expertise, we provide customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your satisfaction remains our utmost priority.

What we offer

Tailored Solutions for your Saltwater Disposal Needs

SWD Treatment 

Our Saltwater Disposal (SWD) treatment is designed to minimize solid accumulation in water tanks and vessels, resulting in several key benefits:

Production Chemicals

We offer a variety of services available to be bundled for the client's convenience. A few products provided are:

How Our Services Add Value 

Bundle services provided by MaxFlow

VEGA Software
Automated Dosing System 
Controller Remote Dashboard 
Controller Tank Setup 
VEGA Tank Level Monitors 
FLIR Camera  

Laboratory Capabilities

At MaxFlow, we utilize 3rd party independent laboratories to provide timely, reliable, and unbiased data to our clients, located in: 

Our Facility Capabilities: 


MaxFlow Chemicals has high-quality solutions for your well needs. Controlling iron sulfide pads, providing adequate water quality, and reducing/maintaining well pressure for higher water injection rates and sellable skim oil are all areas MaxFlow excels in.