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At MaxFlow Chemicals, we have experienced field service techs who are dedicated to providing the highest quality service when it comes to treating and servicing salt water disposal wells. Maxflow is second to none when it comes to service.

Trained in SWD mechanics, basic chemistry with chemical blends, and pump maintenance, our service techs make weekly site visits a priority. During each visit service techs perform the following;

1) Inspect and adjust chemical rates according to water intake

2) Document well pressure and barrel per day rates

3) Thief all tanks checking free oil, pad depths and tank bottoms.

4) Spot check water clarity throughout system

5) Run shakeout on skim oil if needed

6) Communicate with Disposal Well Operator

After each visit service tech generates service report that includes all information listed above and any miscellaneous items that may have been done including any repairs and send to customer.

Monthly water samples are taken for analysis to check scaling, corrosion tendencies, free oil in water, and bacteria counts. Millipores are also ran to determine the amount of suspended solids flowing down well formation.

Iron sulfide pads and high BS&W sales oil can be challenging at times but in addition to chemical program Maxflow provides a service that keeps pads under control and skim oil ready to sell at no additional cost to customer.

Our products can provide a solution for your salt water disposal.