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About Us

MaxFlow Chemicals was founded in 2011 to treat and service salt water disposal wells. Maxflow began it’s services in the Haynesville Shale then moved on to the Eagle Ford, Permian/Delaware Basin, DJ Basin, Barnett and Bakken Shales. Our chemicals are formulated strictly for issues that occur at salt water disposal wells.  Due to the many challenges in treating different variations of water coming into SWD’s, Maxflow is constantly modifying their original chemical blends to provide the perfect solution.

MaxFlow has over 50 employees located in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota, and Montana. Our experienced field service techs are trained in SWD basics, problem solving, basic chemistry with chemical blends, and pump maintenance. We take safety seriously at MaxFlow, and have a robust safety team that keeps us up to date on all required training and compliance issues.

Our products can provide a solution for your salt water disposal.