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MaxFlow Chemicals has high quality solutions for your salt water disposal well needs. From controlling iron sulfide pads, providing adequate water quality, lowering and/or maintaining well pressure for higher water injection rates and sellable skim oil are areas Maxflow excels in. Learn more about our products below.

Iron Sulfide/Scale Control

This product is introduced at the front of tank battery typically upstream of offload tanks or gunbarrels. It contains an iron/scale control component and emulsion breaker.
Our iron/scale control products are very aggressive in treating iron sulfide contaminated water along with dissolving any acid soluble scale that may precipitate out. These products prevent pad/interface build up in water holding vessels, provide adequate water clarity causing less sock filter change outs per shift, scale control and produce sellable skim oil off gunbarrels into oil sales tanks.
With high level of iron sulfides in the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian/Delaware Basin, biocides can take a while to work. Maxflow’s iron/scale control products work as a solution to enhance the treatment process and provide water clarity almost instantly and prevent any free oil from migrating down well into formation.

Anti -Foulants

Anti-Foulants are very effective in controlling bacteria growth in vessels and piping. This chemical is injected upstream of offload or gunbarrel tanks.

Scale Control/Friction Reducer

This product is introduced into the system before the downhole charge pump on the low-pressure end. It contains a scale remover package as well as a slick water component.

Scale Control/Friction Reducers are formulated to maintain and/or lower well pressure for higher water injection rates, dissolves any acid soluble scale and iron precipitants that build in pumps, pipelines, tubing and perforations and surfactant to reduce friction.

Other Products

H2S Scavengers

Oxygen Scavengers

Scale Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors

Emulsion Breakers

Packer Fluids

KCL Substitutes

Oils and Lubricants


Polymers and Water Clarifiers

Our products can provide a solution for your salt water disposal.