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What We Do

Maxflow Chemicals services and chemically treats salt water disposal and production facilities. Our products are formulated strictly for disposal wells and our service is second to none. Our specialized blends are uniquely created for each treatment process. Maxflow prides itself in keeping up with all issues that may occur at disposal & production well sites from a chemical treatment aspect. By being proactive and attack problems as they occur it prevents high dollar tank cleanouts, expensive acid jobs on well bores and costly repairs to pumps and equipment. At Maxflow Chemicals we continue to exceed our customers expectations on a regular basis.

Our Products

Iron Sulfide/Scale Control
Anti -Foulants
Scale Control/Friction Reducer
Scale Inhibitors
Corrosion Inhibitors
H2S Scavengers
Oxygen Scavengers
Emulsion Breakers
Packer Fluids
Oils and Lubricants
KCL Substitutes
Polymers and Water Clarifiers

Our products can provide a solution for your salt water disposal.